Photo courtesy of Paul Greenberger

About Bill

Bill Anderson is an Atlanta-based photographer, cinematographer and director, and is a founding partner of Immaterial Media, an Atlanta-based video production company. His work has appeared in national commercials during the Super Bowl, 60 Minutes, on network and cable TV, in an array of national and regional publications and has been shown by the North Carolina Museum of Art. In 1998, Bill received the Top 100 Award, an industry-sponsored award that recognizes the work of the top one hundred media producers worldwide, for his contributions to UPS’ UPS Online and Glenayre Electronics’ World Class – Worldwide international marketing campaigns.

Bill credits his father for inspiring Bill’s love of photography and cinematography.

“Dad was a superb amateur photographer. During my childhood and teenage years, we spent many wonderful days together photographing family, friends, strangers, landscapes – just about everything imaginable. Watching dad shoot, then standing beside him in his darkroom as he developed and printed his images, I learned fundamental photographic techniques as well as how to see the magic moments – those fleeting seconds when something wonderful is revealed.

We lost dad some years ago and I sure do miss him. He was an amazing father and mentor, and a relentless champion of my career. I think of him every day – the kindness and wisdom in his eyes; the tone of his voice when he spoke to me about life, work, love and creativity; his unwavering loyalty to family and friends; his commitment to ethical thought and deed; his completely wacky and delightful sense of humor – and I always remember how very grateful I am that he was my father and my friend. Every time I shoot, dad is right there with me.

I also want to specifically acknowledge cinematographers Mac Benson, Jim Briton and John Burke who shared their vast experience and knowledge very generously; writer/director Willis Briley; editor Neil Traugh; ace audio producer, arranger and composer Steve Bell; colleagues Matt Smartt, Mary Jane Starke, Paul Greenberger, Grace Yang, Sonny Pimentel, audio tech wizard Lew Frisch of Gotham Audio LLC, and my go-to resource for pro gear, Kenny Crysler.”

Away from work, Bill enjoys playing guitar and piano, sailing, traveling, studying languages and contributing his services to charitable endeavors.

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